Monday, January 23, 2012

Bagels for the first time

Another block of my blog.. by myself that is.. Meh, did anyone notice lol..

So yep Bagels! :) I used to be very prejusticed about them, 'cause my aunt living in Chicago was the first one offered me bagels, and they were yucky. lol, not that it's her fault or something, they were prepackaged ones.
But a couple of days ago, at Tribeca which is known for bagels, I tried a Honey, Cream Cheese, Walnut bagel which was quite yummy and very prettyly shaped too! So I said to myself; ''Wait, is it something good, better than I can make myself?'' The answer to that question was simple, but I didn't know till I tried my own this morning.. OMG! They are so, so yummy! They smell marvellous too, I just bought a Dutch Butter yesterday-yes, you heard that right not Becel Formum, and used it in them..  And a little with cream cheese&honey, a little bit with Moova's Gouda, more honey and walnuts, they're so so good!

And today.. I'm feeling extraordinarly good, well I woulld feel better with a full limit credit card, but y'know :P And I will have it about 10 days later again, mom's payday, and then will be broke for another 30 days for I like to spend it all in a day, Idk, you may think I'm crazy or weird but.. trust me it's fun! But well, it's also fun to me, making a big pot of Linden, posting on my blog, starving through the day 'cause I ate too much sweets at breakfast time and ought not to eat lunch, but dinner might be ok, making cute lttle origami things, peeking about lots and lots of food blogs to decide, tonights dinner and some kind of light dessert, making a buble bath with blueberry smelling bubbles, having my ''work table sheet'' between the walls of the bathtub and reading a good book(oh by the way The Little Stranger, I'm about to finish it, book review coming up today), and drinking champagne while.. No, I'm not being sarcastic, just I'm coming to acceptance what my life will be like without school, and not work yet even..

Anyway.. I should walk Karamel, it looks sunny, but very slippery also.. That means,no heels-What?! I like them, alright? ah well and it also means I get to buy rice flour-wait, shit! where are those tons coin liras sitting on the table, if I find them I mean, I can make Dutch Crunch Bread, a pot of Winter Veggie Soup with some Bacon and ofc Gouda.. :) well let me see to it now..

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