Thursday, September 12, 2013

Conversations with myself

What's the point of having an online diary of sorts? Are you really that helpless you're subconsciously looking for help from unknown satellites? And no, my answer is no, I'm not. So at least keep it cheerful, okay? Yes, sure I'll try:

I'm going back to college, a different school,a different faculty and a different major. Not that I gave up on baking, well my oven did-but that's another story. And I'm doing this, mainly because if the exchange part of it, I'll be in New Paltz, New York for almost 1,5 year. It'll be good being away from my country, I dread it. And also there's the fact that studying English literature will be a fairly easy task to accomplish.

Things are actually looking up if I don't make the worst of it. And I won't, not this time, there good change(s) going on in my life and I'll be grateful to myself and my family and friends, and it's not as easy, neither it is as hard as it's told.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A poem: not about you

Monday, August 5, 2013

   I haven't been blogging for a long while. I believe the reason behind should be the same one with the huge blocks in my diary; it's simple, I don't tend to write when I'm in a good mood. And that's not in the slightest bit to prove the assumption about crazy artists/medicated artists. But yeah personally I somehow find my misery inspirational. This does also not mean, I'm feeling down right now, I'm here now because I'm about to start making changes in my blog's layout/header/pretty much everything and I didn't want everyone to come up with the previous ranting post while visiting to see the updated version.

So yeah; have some cute bears in Christmas costumes :3

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Should I or.. Shouldn't I? (Landing review)

The book I just started has 'Fiction/Lesbian' written on the back. So first of, if you want to give me a speech of 'You're young, you don't know what you're doing' Fuck off! And if you want to 'unfriend' me now, well you can also fuck off! I've been reading lesbian literature for quite a long time now, because I'm so done with the male dominance in literature, and I can't really delve in huge volumes of theoretical feminist books, so yeah, there's lesbian books for that! 
 This book I ordered online, Landing by Emma Donoghue(I've been reading quite a few of her novels) I had to read this-or not!- because it was about two people meeting aboard on a plane and well-*here comes the tears*-living happily ever after, kinda, eventually. I loved it, and hated it, nothing to do with the author or the quality of the book but only to do with me. It can still be interesting even if you haven't been involved in this kind of umm.. adventure, I believe. And you probably haven't. Also I should say, maybe it's not as striking in this particular  
novel as it's set in the current century, but Emma Donoghue has the talent of creating characters that seems like they're made of real flesh and bone even in her historical pieces.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rilak(Relax)Kumas(Bears) and a not so relaxed mood

 I've been away from my blog for a rather long while and I don't have any real excuses except that I've been making the pop-up volume 2(I didn't think of a name yet, there was something in my mind yesterday which I don't remember today, so yay!)

So these are my new obsession minus a couple new ones haha, and some more on the way..

 So.. there is a problem.. I sent letters to a forgotten little village(yes, you know what I mean) then I said they're not to be read and they should be sent back, which villagers replied they can't send it back but they ''can: not read them''. I don't know if they're just illiterate or lazy, I don't know.
 As I talked about the pop-up volume 2, here's some videos from it, there's only 4 completed pages right now, and I'm working on another two, but it seems I will close it at six, 'cause there was an apparent change in the scenario..
 Oh, and here's me with a giant Hello Kitty

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rilakkuma bears and Thanks to Yumi

I just got my egg-cooking Rilakkuma bears with mail. Yumi also sent me a cookie and rice seasoning ^^ Oh and also Rilakkuma note papers :) And a LETTER <3 She's so sweet, I'll write her a letter myself, with my new kawaii letter paper when they get here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sorry dad, I didn't keep my blog updated :P

Been a while.. I was too engraved in my diary and unsent letters and also a couple of actually sent ones, to Rhylie and Briar :)

What I did was shop for Rilakkuma plush bears, and a boyfriend for my furby, well and a red baby for them. Well ok, the story goes they met at the furby universe and her boyfriend 'got pregnant' yeah, they're furbies so it happens. So now he's coming to live together with Pamplemousse bringing their baby Cantaloup with him and his name is Cerise.

Anyway in other news I'm making the pop-up book volume #2, it's sad and because it's sad it's not recommended for people of any age.